September 1, 2018

DATA Agent game release

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DATA Agent, the game entirely generated on Wikipedia data and OpenStreetMap, has been released on and is playable both online and via download for both Windows and Mac. DATA Agent has been designed and developed in a collaboration between IDG staff member Antonios Liapis and the NYU Game innovation Lab members Gabriella A.B. Barros, Michael Green and Julian Togelius.

DATA Agent is a game which takes advantage of information on open data repositories and transforms it into an adventure game. In this game, the player is an agent of the Detective Agency of Time Anomalies (DATA) tasked with solving a bizarre mystery. An assassin has traveled back in time and killed a famous person, masquerading as another famous person somehow related to the victim. Since the assassin does not know everything about the person they impersonate, the DATA Agent must find in a lineup of suspects which one does not have all their facts right. The correct facts about the suspects can be found by talking to other people in different cities. Finding the suspects themselves is no easy task either: the agent must talk to other people, read books and break into dark and locked places.

The game has been presented in a number of academic papers, namely "DATA Agent" (presented at FDG 2018) and "Data-driven Design: A Case for Maximalist Game Design" (presented at ICCC 2018).