June 21, 2018

IDG invited to speak at CEBIT - Serious Games Conference

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Artificial Intelligence: Getting Serious About Games

IDG Director Prof. Georgios Yannakikis was invited to speak at CEBIT in Germany on the topic of AI in Games. Prof. Yannakakis presented his talk "AI Getting Serious... about Games" as part of the Serious Games Conference. Recent years have seen artificial intelligence (AI) outperforming us in tasks we have mastered through millennia of evolution. Drawing on the importance of the relationship between AI and games he addressed the following questions:

How did games help AI in that endeavour?
In turn, how can AI help us make better games?
Is it possible that AI actually improves serious game design and supports game-based learning?

Institute of Digital Games: A hub of artificial intelligence research

He also presented a plethora of research projects at the crossroads of AI and serious games which run currently at the Institute of Digital Games.

Prof. Yannakakis also participated on a panel in AI together with Ed Doran (Cortana), Dr. Christian Thurau (Twenty Billion Neurons GmbH), and Janette Kothe (Bosch Iot)

Prof. Georgios Yannakakis, Dr. Christian Thurau, and Janette Kothe