December 18, 2016

Wrap-up of 2016 games: Sedna

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During the 2015-2016 academic year, IDG student Suus de Kock developed a video game titled "Sedna" for the purposes of the Prototyping for Game Designers course. Sedna is a short 2D side-scroller that puts the player in the shoes of an Inuit shaman who has to travel to the house of the sea goddess in order to save her village from starvation. In the game the player takes the role of a shaman who travels down to the abode of Sedna, an Inuit sea goddess, in order to placate her so that she might let her sea creatures be caught by hunters. The gameplay is kept simple to facilitate the telling of the story, with the player moving through several environments with obstacles to get to Sedna’s house. The game has two different endings, a success state and a fail state, depending on how the player deals with the obstacles they’re presented with.