May 22, 2018

Book Chapter in "Towards a Philosophy of Digital Media"

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Prof. Stefano Gualeni has published a chapter in Palgrave's new (2018) book: Towards a Philosophy of Digital Media. The book is edited by Alberto Romele and Enrico Terrone.

Prof. Gualeni's chapter, titled: "A Philosophy of 'DOING' in the Digital" plays in counterpoint with the general theoretical orientation of the book, and does not focus its attention on the recording and archiving capabilities of the digital medium. Instead, it proposes an understanding of the digital medium that focuses on its disclosing various forms of “doing.”

Gualeni's chapter begins by offering an understanding of “doing in the digital” that methodologically separates “doing as acting” from “doing as making.” After setting its theoretical framework, the chapter discusses an “interactive thought experiment” designed by the author (titled Something Something Soup Something) that is analyzed as a digital artifact leveraging both dimensions of “doing in the digital” for philosophical purposes.

In extreme synthesis, one could say that this chapter is about several kinds of soups. :)

A pre-print draft of the book-chapter can be found here.