September 26, 2016

CIG 2016 conference

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The Institute of Digital Games had an impressive presence at the IEEE Computational Intelligence and Games Conference that took place in beautiful Santorini. The conference, attended by over 100 international experts in the field of artificial intelligence and games, included seven members of the IDG presenting a variety of papers. Georgios N. Yannakakis was one of the Program Chairs of the CIG conference and presented a paper on General General Game AI and participated in a panel on future research challenges in game analytics. Antonios Liapis was one of the Local Chairs and gave a tutorial on designing games around Artificial Intelligence, while PhD students Phil Lopes and Daniel Karavolos presented demonstrations of computer-generated levels in Sonancia and Dwarf Quest respectively. Daniele Gravina presented the latest advances in generating surprising weapons for deathmatch games in Unreal 3, and Elizabeth Camilleri presented her work on believability in platformer games. Finally, Owen Sacco presented his vision of generating or blending games based on the rich semantic data found online in fansites, walkthroughs, and entertainment platforms.