May 14, 2016

Game Lecture: Stephan Günzel

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In our second May game lecture, Stephan Günzel will discuss the concepts of virtual spaces and spatiality. The lecture is on Monday 23rd of May 2016 at 7:00 pm, and is held at the Institute of Digital Games.

The topic and summary of the Game Lecture follows:

"Beyond Representation - Spatiality in Game Studies and Game Design"

Looking at the debates about the "spatial turn" in cultural studies the talk responds to the main antinomies in the present discourse and shows how Game Studies have contributed to it as well as they rely on the respective paradoxes. With the dynamic understanding of space in the writings of the French sociologist Henri Lefebvre the presentation will then show, how concepts of space cannot be considered to be true outside a certain context in which they represent a structural kind of knowledge. This can highlight on the one hand how the problem of space could be dealt with in Game Studies and on the other hand how the Design of Video Games can benefit from the reflection of concepts of space.