May 13, 2016

Go Go Gozo 2016

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The Go Go Gozo Erasmus course has just been completed for 2016, with the participation of IDG teaching staff and IDG students. In this 10-day course students and faculty alike play - with research, with field courses, with methodologies - and find new ways to think about island spaces. Go Go Gozo offers a challenging exploration of an emerging sub-discipline, inviting its participants to engage with different conceptual framings, research methodologies and ways of encountering some of the more remote places in the world.

The programme for Go Go Gozo included seminars, games, longer form methodological experiments, and various workshops and group activities. In addition regular small games took place in the lunchtimes and evenings, focusing upon different aspects of play, such as board games, quizzes, creative activities and performed open and deep play. Together these were designed to allow students to reflect on the potential of play as part of an interdisciplinary encounter with Island Studies, and with a particular theme. There are four methodology modules to this course: Reflecting, Playing, Designing and Game Jam.