October 30, 2017

IDG at Gameslit 2017 Conference

Since the first edition, held in 2013 at the University of Malta, the Games and Literary Theory conference series has grown into one of the leading international venues for humanistic game studies. At this year's edition, held at the Université de Montréal, Canada, with the theme "Lost in a Game, Lost in a Book," the IDG retained a strong presence. IDG member Gordon Calleja delivered the conference's opening keynote presentation, addressing the conference theme by building on his work on the experience of immersion and incorporation in game environments. On the conference's second day, IDG member Daniel Vella delivered a paper titled "Reopening Doors, Reframing Perception: Fiction, Worldness and Play," which drew on Eugen Fink's philosophy of play to tackle the question of fictionality in digital games. Both presentations contributed to an event in which new perspectives were explored, and new insights gained, onto recurring questions of immersion, presence, narrative and fiction in relation to gameworlds.