February 13, 2020

Rebooting the 21st Century - Notion of Challenge in Games - Coline Pannier

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The Institute of Digital Games is thrilled to have Coline Pannier, lecturer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Science and former Ubisoft Producer, speaking as part of our Game Seminar Series. Coline Pannier is a regular guest for the Game Development course where she introduces students to production methods of games, including the pipeline and organisational practices of studios. She has previously spoken about Designing systemic change and the changes in the games industry over the past 10 years.

The Seminar: Notion of Challenge Applied to Games

While corporations rival in ingenuity to provide us with more convenience, a group of people prefers to make their own lives more difficult: the geeks.

Driven by an insasiable curiosity, they escaped to a wonderful realm of technical challenges, scientific exploration, music software and game engines, pursuing endless quests in virtual worlds. To the inquisitive mind, a computer is just a tool.

But as they look up from behind their screens, they can see that others had different plans. Tools are turned into psychological weapons, evil manipulations and elaborate schemes to trap the less vigilant. The screams of their victims reverberate in echo chambers.

Can we learn from the harsh truth and help reboot the 21st century?

In this talk we will explore the notion of challenge and how it is used in games to create an engaging experience. From there we will question real-life challenges and discuss how we can frame them in actionable ways.

About Coline Pannier - Game producer, Entrepreneur and Lecturer:

Coline is a game producer, entrepreneur and lecturer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. She helped create the international training Academies at Ubisoft. After moving to Amsterdam, she worked in mobile development and co-founded inaloop games, a startup exploring circular business models for board games.

Passionate about creative collaboration and designing for the greater good, she is also consulting on team organisation and design thinking, spreading the passionate spirit of game development all around the world.

The Game Seminar Series: All facets of digital games

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